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Sure Ways to Burn Fat Faster

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burn fatWe are constantly looking for ways to improve our overall health and slim down. Burning excess fat in the body can be very challenging. In addition to dieting and exercising, there are various aspects that contribute to weight and fat loss. Any form of physical activity burns fat, be it working on a construction site, working at, working out in the gym among others. The good news is that there are plenty of simple steps you can take to increase your chances of burning fat quickly and easily.


Start strength training

Strength training is a type of exercise that involves you contracting your muscles against some form of resistance. This type of training builds mass and increases strength. Most of the common forms of strength training involve lifting weights to gain muscles with time. Research shows that strength training has a lot of benefits in terms of burning fat. This form of training is particularly important in reducing visceral fat. When you combine strength training with aerobic exercises, you set your body in a very good form to reduce its body fat, especially abdominal one.


Take a high protein diet

By including a high and protein-rich diet in your meals, you stand a high chance to reduce your appetite and burn more fat. Studies have shown that eating more protein-rich meals is associated with a lower risk of accumulating belly bet. High protein foods also help in preserving muscle mass as well as metabolism during a weight loss process. When you increase your protein uptake, you increase feelings of fullness as well as decreasing appetite. This helps in reducing the number of calories you take every day.


Have more sleep

sleepGoing to bed early and setting your alarm clock to wake you up after you have had at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep may be key to achieving a maximum fat loss. There are lots of studies that have shown the correlation between sleep and weight loss. If you sleep five or fewer hours per day for an extended time, you set yourself vulnerable to amassing unnecessary weight. Getting at least seven hours of quality sleep increases your likelihood of being healthier, losing weight and staying energetic.


Eat more healthy fats

When you increase your uptake of healthy fats, you set yourself high to losing weight and maintaining a feeling of fullness. Fats take some time to get digested, so this means you should include fats such as olive, avocado, and nuts as these are associated with a lower risk of gaining weight. Unhealthy fats such as trans-fat are very harmful to the body and lead to fat gain. However, you should note that healthy fats are also high in calories so you should limit their intake.


Cut down on refined carbs

You should decrease your intake of refined carbs. During their processing, refined grains are stripped off their bram and gem, resulting in a refined product that is very low on fiber and nutrients. Refined carbs also have a high glycemic index which leads to spiking your craving for sugar, leads to increased hunger.




How Exercises Help to Keep You in Shape

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fitnessExercise and other types of physical activities are good for everyone. We always find ourselves in unhealthy situations mostly because of our lifestyles. Many people spend long hours seated with very minimal time spent on exercises, and this affects their health. Unless you are working in the fields, or have jobs such as welding, fitness training, towing with Fairfax Tow Truck, athlete, among others, you are relatively safe because of the nature of your work. The most affected are those whose quality of their work involves sitting for long hours, such as bankers, work at home persons among others. They lack actual contact hours with physical exercises, and this may affect their health in the long run.

Regular exercise is perfect for your body and can help in keeping you healthy. Other activities such as cardio exercises help in keeping your heart in shape by strengthening it and lowering your blood pressure. Here are essential benefits exercises have on your body and brain.


Feeling Happier

Exercises are well known to improve your daily mood and decrease the feeling of anxiety, depression, and stress. Exercising produces changes in parts of your brain that regulates the levels of stress and anxiety in your body with the increase in brain sensitivity relieving feelings of depression. Exercises have also shown to reduce symptoms on those suffering from anxiety by helping them to be more aware of their mental state and removing distractions such as fears. The good news is that it doesn’t matter the intensity of your workout, but what makes the difference is consistency.


Helps with Weight Loss

A sure way to gain weight is subjecting your body too long periods of inactivity. To understand the relationship between exercise and weight gain, it is essential to know how your body works. The human body spends energy in three fundamental ways; exercising, digesting food and maintaining body functions such as breathing and heartbeat. Although dieting and reducing the calorie intake may help with your metabolism which can delay weight loss, regular exercise is well known to increase your metabolic rate leading to reduced weight.

Good for Muscles and Bones

Exercises play a very vital role in building and maintaining the strength of your bones and muscles. Physical activities such as weight lifting can help a lot in stimulating muscle building. Exercises help in releasing hormones that promote the ability of your body to absorb amino acids, and this helps in muscle growth. Activities also help in building bone density at your young age thus assisting in preventing the development of osteoporosis at the later stages of your life.

Reduces Risk of Chronic Diseases

Lack of physical activity and regular exercises is one of the leading causes of chronic diseases. Regular workouts have shown to improve your cardiovascular fitness, insulin sensitivity, body composition as well as decreasing fat blood levels as well as blood pressure. Lack of exercise can lead to increased belly fat which increases the chances of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. To stay fit, healthy and in shape, you have to improve physical fitness in your life.

Side Effects of Eating Excess Carbohydrates

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CarbsHow many times have you heard about low carb or no carb diet? There is a reason for these names to be given to a particular type of carb diets. Carbs are not bad foods. Our body needs them for proper function and fuel. They provide the body with 40 to 60 percent of our daily calorie requirements. They boost the mood and reduce bad cholesterol.  However, at what point do carbs become bad? What happens to the body in the event of excessive carbs intake?

Carbs provide the body with the energy that is required to carry out various bodily functions. Though carbs are good, not all of them are useful to the body. Not all of them have good nutrients. If you take more carbs than your body needs, here are the consequences.


Weight Gain

Carbs are a concentrated source of calories with a serving of 4 calories per gram. A large serving of diets heavy in carbs such as pasta, rice, and bread contains hundreds of calories. In some cases, it can even be thousands. If you have a habit of eating carbs, the excess calories you add to the body form the leading causes of weight gain.  If you are taking sugars and refined carbs such as white flour, the effect is more pronounced.


Type 2 Diabetes

If you take too many carbs, especially those that are richly high in glycemic, you risk yourself a couple of disorders, notable being type 2 diabetes. When you take high volumes of carbs, the levels of your blood sugar increase. This causes the pancreas to release insulin by converting glucose into a storage compound in the liver. The release of insulin by pancreas helps to lower the sugar levels. However, it gets to a time when your pancreas can get generate enough insulin, leading to an increase of getting type 2 diabetes menace.


Dental Caries

Dental cariesDental caries are cavities that are formed as a result of the destruction of hard tissues in the teeth. In the most common names, they are called cavities. These cavities come as a result of teeth decay.  The form when bacteria found on your teeth metabolizes carbohydrates. After metabolism takes place, it leaves behind an acid that sits on your teeth and starts to destroy the hard shell known as enamel slowly. This process occurs gradually just the way rain chips and washes away a statue with time. Dental caries are associated with the excessive consumption of refined carbs and added sugar.



Thickened Arteries

In most cases, foods that are high in carbs are also high in fat, be it healthy or unhealthy. If this fat is taken in higher proportions, it causes the walls of your arteries to thicken up. This creates a constricted flow of blood through the arteries. If blood doesn’t freely flow through the arteries, you risk yourself chances of heart attack and stroke. Taking processed carbs also risks your body to effects of other chronic diseases.  Carbs are also known to cause hunger spikes leading to sugar cravings and overeating.

Best Weight-Loss Friendly Foods

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leafy greensDifferent foods are subjected to different metabolic pathways in our body system. If you want to lower the fat content in your body and have a flat tummy, then you have to eat healthy, a low-calorie diet with lots of exercises. To lose weight, it doesn’t mean you have to exercise to death. Real results are achieved through a proper weight management program which involves following a strict eating pattern.

To have a lean body of your desires, you have to get rid of all junk foods and start eating clean. The best bet you can make is to make all your meals. If you are in a position to afford a garden, the better. Here are some of the best foods if you are looking forward to losing weight.


Leafy Greens

There are many options when it comes to leafy greens. From kale, spinach, collards among others. Leafy greens are a perfect fit for those looking to lose weight.  These greens are filled with a lot of fiber and are low in carbs and calories. They are also high in calcium, a vital ingredient in the weight loss program. Leafy greens are also full of other vitamins and minerals.



When it comes to losing weight, salmon is high on our list. It is a very healthy fish that has low-calorie content and high protein values. You do not need to eat a lot of it to feel full. It has a lot of healthy fats such as Omega 3 fatty acids which helps in fueling weight loss.


Beans and legumes come third in our list. Though they may not be among the people’s favorite foods, they should never be ignored. Best in the beans category include; lentils, kidney beans, and black beans. Beans are high in fiber and proteins making very important when it comes to weight loss.



When it comes to eggs, there are a lot of controversies out there. Let us put the records straight. Eggs may be high in cholesterol, but that happens if you take the yoke. This means that even if you take the yoke, it doesn’t have a significant impact on the blood cholesterol levels. Bodybuilders and professional athletes love eggs because of the benefits they have on the body. They are high in proteins and contain a lot of healthy fats. They also have a high amount of calories.


Best Healthiest Meat to Take

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fishIt is pretty tough to be a meat lover in this century. It becomes even harder to decide on the type of meat to consume. Studies continue to advise us of how we should eliminate red meat in our meals, and eat less red meat altogether. When you choose lean meat over fatty ones, you will be saving yourself extra fat and calories. Instead, you will be filling yourself with useful proteins and nutrients.

While it is true that diet rich in fruits and veggies have numerous benefits to our bodies, we can’t rely on this type of food every time. There are always ways to enjoy neat without having it be harmful to ourselves. That said, let us look at ways we can choose the healthiest meat for ourselves.


Fish and Shellfish

It should come to no surprise whatsoever that fish is on top of our list. Fish is full of heart-healthy substances such as omega 3’s that have a lot of benefits for our bodies. If you are looking for a healthy meal, then fish should be your first option. There are different types of fish to choose from, including tuna, tilapia, salmon among others. All these fish have excellent health benefits for our bodies.



The chicken comes second to our list. It is one of the easiest meat you can find, or even raise by yourself. If you choose the right bird and breed, then you can raise a chicken from your backyard. However, when taking chicken, not that it will have more benefits to your body if you take it without skin, which is laden with fat. Additionally, look for better and healthier ways of preparing chicken such as baking over frying.


Turkey is another beef type on our list. Its meat offers a lot of benefits to our bodies. Turkey has white and dark meat, but it will have better benefits for your body if you exclude the skin that is way fatty. Turkey is also another meat option that is pretty easy to raise. If you need to have a healthy meat option in your backyard, you should consider turkey.

Apart from these meat options, you may choose other meatless protein sources. These options include beans, lentils, low-fat dairy products, tofu, nuts, eggs, sweet potatoes among others. Nuts are an excellent source of proteins. Low fat and non-fat dairy products also provide an excellent alternative to protein sources. Whichever diary product you choose, know it is an excellent source of protein.