Best Healthiest Meat to Take

fishIt is pretty tough to be a meat lover in this century. It becomes even harder to decide on the type of meat to consume. Studies continue to advise us of how we should eliminate red meat in our meals, and eat less red meat altogether. When you choose lean meat over fatty ones, you will be saving yourself extra fat and calories. Instead, you will be filling yourself with useful proteins and nutrients.

While it is true that diet rich in fruits and veggies have numerous benefits to our bodies, we can’t rely on this type of food every time. There are always ways to enjoy neat without having it be harmful to ourselves. That said, let us look at ways we can choose the healthiest meat for ourselves.


Fish and Shellfish

It should come to no surprise whatsoever that fish is on top of our list. Fish is full of heart-healthy substances such as omega 3’s that have a lot of benefits for our bodies. If you are looking for a healthy meal, then fish should be your first option. There are different types of fish to choose from, including tuna, tilapia, salmon among others. All these fish have excellent health benefits for our bodies.



The chicken comes second to our list. It is one of the easiest meat you can find, or even raise by yourself. If you choose the right bird and breed, then you can raise a chicken from your backyard. However, when taking chicken, not that it will have more benefits to your body if you take it without skin, which is laden with fat. Additionally, look for better and healthier ways of preparing chicken such as baking over frying.


Turkey is another beef type on our list. Its meat offers a lot of benefits to our bodies. Turkey has white and dark meat, but it will have better benefits for your body if you exclude the skin that is way fatty. Turkey is also another meat option that is pretty easy to raise. If you need to have a healthy meat option in your backyard, you should consider turkey.

Apart from these meat options, you may choose other meatless protein sources. These options include beans, lentils, low-fat dairy products, tofu, nuts, eggs, sweet potatoes among others. Nuts are an excellent source of proteins. Low fat and non-fat dairy products also provide an excellent alternative to protein sources. Whichever diary product you choose, know it is an excellent source of protein.


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