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Guide to Coming up with a Content Marketing Strategy

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A content strategy is a strategy that takes your business to the next level by using content as the primary means of achieving those goals. For example, your towing service business might include brand awareness as a way of driving more revenue. To achieve that goal, you might need to implement a content strategy that is purely focused on SEO to increase the visibility of your website on search engine results pages.

New business owners might assume a content strategy is a very important element. However, when starting out, it might now always be the case. When looking forward to coming up with a content strategy, here are some important questions you must be able to answer.

Who will be reading your content?

You must clearly define who will be the target audience for your content. How many audiences are you creating content for? Just like your business might have more than one type of customer, your content strategy can cater to more than one type of reader as well. With the use of different content types, it will help you in delivering different content for each type of audience you have in your mind.

What problems will you be solving

You must figure out the type of problems you will be solving for your audience. Ideally, your products or services will aim at solving a problem you know your audience is facing. Your content will aim at coaching and educating your audience and will be the starting point to have issues solved. A sound content strategy is one that supports both sides of the product.

What makes you unique

You must clearly define what makes you unique. Your competitors will likely have a product or service that is similar to yours. This means your potential customers will need to know what makes yours better, or at the very least, different. This is the point content comes in. To prove to your prospects that you are worth buying for, you must prove why you are worth listening to.

When you want to create a content marketing strategy, there are a couple of steps you must follow.  You need to start by defining your goal. What is the aim of developing a content marketing plan? Why do you want to produce content and create a content marketing plan? It is important to have a clear knowledge of your goals before you can begin any planning. That way, you will have an easier time determining what is best for your strategy.

You will then be required to go ahead and perform the necessary research. To develop a successful plan, you need to have a clear definition of the audience you want to target. This can be especially very true for those who are starting out new marketing campaigns. If you are an experienced marketer, your target might have changed. You might decide to target a new group or even expand the current one you have. Additionally, run a content audit to determine your strengths and the areas you are producing amazing content.

How to Build Content Marketing Team for Your Startup

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Startups interested in any business such as carpet cleaning which wants to build a powerful content marketing strategy must first work at building a powerful content marketing team within their marketing department. Startups in most cases find themselves lagging on matters of finance because there is a lot to be achieved within a limited time and resources. Those who choose to up their game on matters of content marketing stand to benefit a lot by covering the funding deficits they might have.

If you are looking to hire some people to help you with your content marketing, here is who to hire.

Seasoned Writer

It is important to work with someone who can write rather than someone who just knows about marketing. Good writing is a skill that is normally developed over time. You need to hire a writer and teach them on matters of technology and marketing, rather than hiring a marketer and teaching them how to write. It can take a lot of years and resources to turn a marketer to become a writer. Once you have got a team of seasoned writers, you need to convert one of them to become the managing editor, who oversees everything that your writers do.

Social Manager

Since the content you produce will be published online, you must ensure your social channels are up and running. This calls for the need to have a social manager someone who easily communicates with others and can keep your community engaged. They will be responsible for sharing information, engaging your audience, and keeping the community queries answered. They will be tasked with the responsibility of actively managing all communities within their reach.

Data Scientist

You will need to have someone obsessed with numbers. You need to have someone who knows how to conduct effective studies, surveys and can collect vital data to be analyzed, and have findings used to draw vital conclusions and decisions about a business. You need to find someone who can look for trends within your industry, and come up with crucial data to be used in making important decisions to give you an edge over the competition.

Getting good people to fill in your tasks can be a tall task. However, there are a couple of strategies and sources you can refer to when you want to find people to be on your team. You can recruit from LinkedIn, job boards, social media, and even at events. Once you get a promising person who can deliver value, take them through vital training to ensure they can deliver tasks according to your expectations.

Once you have set up your team and they are producing the much-needed content, the next step is to optimize your website for search. Your prospects and customers will all be online, and the purchasing decisions they will make will mostly be influenced by the search results they get on Google and other search engines after making an online search on the products they are interested in. Ensure that you have a comprehensive SEO strategy that can help in delivering your content, products, and services in front of the customer.

How to Measure Customer Satisfaction in Simple Steps

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Any unsatisfied customer will cost your business some money. Studies have shown that 80 percent of customers will switch brands after just one poor service experience. Measuring customer satisfaction doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Businesses that offer towing services in Cape Coral use different tactics to measure customer satisfaction in a bid to enhance customer service. If you have a customer success strategy, it is fairly simple to incorporate customer satisfaction measurement in your strategy.

No matter how you decide to go about it, measuring customer satisfaction boils down to gathering customer feedback, mostly through surveys and customer data. Here are important steps you can roll out to measure customer satisfaction.

Net Promoter Score

Net promoter score, abbreviated as NPS, is a popular customer satisfaction survey that is used in gathering qualitative and quantitative customer data. For it to work effectively, you will need to make use of software created for NPS, to collect the right type of data.

Live chat transcripts

Live chat transcripts will offer you similar benefits to surveys and NPS. However, instead of asking customers to directly participate, all you need to do is to analyze previous chat records by the live chat software you decide to use. Customers will normally offer you a lot of direct and indirect feedback from the conversation you have with them.

Social Media

Mentions from social media will represent how customers perceive your brand. Whenever you release a new campaign, your followers will get an immediate opportunity to upload public feedback. The comments from your customers are unique because they are focused on the messaging for your brand, which can be tough to ask during a follow-up survey, or even a live chat transcript. You can also make full use of social media as a tool for collecting data. Whatever you analyze on social media, you can use the responses you get to draw vital conclusions about your business.

Marketing Emails

Email offers an excellent channel for engaging and collecting feedback. Subscribers to your newsletter have already demonstrated a clear interest in your brand. Use can use that to your advantage by adding a link to one of your surveys in a weekly newsletter. Additionally, you can embed the survey directly into the email and collect vital feedback.

Short Message Service

The use of SMS or texting offers an efficient way of gathering feedback. It is a relatively cheap way to send messages in bulk and allows you to put a survey in the palm of your customers’ hands. In case you are looking for a free alternative, you can make use of a popular messaging app such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

You can also use other methods such as analyzing churn rate and use of follow up surveys. There will be a percentage of some customers who will leave your business without leaving a review or providing feedback. Take a look at the churn rate. Additionally, the use of follow up surveys would also be effective in capturing customers’ immediate reaction after interacting with your brand.