How to Build Content Marketing Team for Your Startup

Startups interested in any business such as carpet cleaning which wants to build a powerful content marketing strategy must first work at building a powerful content marketing team within their marketing department. Startups in most cases find themselves lagging on matters of finance because there is a lot to be achieved within a limited time and resources. Those who choose to up their game on matters of content marketing stand to benefit a lot by covering the funding deficits they might have.

If you are looking to hire some people to help you with your content marketing, here is who to hire.

Seasoned Writer

It is important to work with someone who can write rather than someone who just knows about marketing. Good writing is a skill that is normally developed over time. You need to hire a writer and teach them on matters of technology and marketing, rather than hiring a marketer and teaching them how to write. It can take a lot of years and resources to turn a marketer to become a writer. Once you have got a team of seasoned writers, you need to convert one of them to become the managing editor, who oversees everything that your writers do.

Social Manager

Since the content you produce will be published online, you must ensure your social channels are up and running. This calls for the need to have a social manager someone who easily communicates with others and can keep your community engaged. They will be responsible for sharing information, engaging your audience, and keeping the community queries answered. They will be tasked with the responsibility of actively managing all communities within their reach.

Data Scientist

You will need to have someone obsessed with numbers. You need to have someone who knows how to conduct effective studies, surveys and can collect vital data to be analyzed, and have findings used to draw vital conclusions and decisions about a business. You need to find someone who can look for trends within your industry, and come up with crucial data to be used in making important decisions to give you an edge over the competition.

Getting good people to fill in your tasks can be a tall task. However, there are a couple of strategies and sources you can refer to when you want to find people to be on your team. You can recruit from LinkedIn, job boards, social media, and even at events. Once you get a promising person who can deliver value, take them through vital training to ensure they can deliver tasks according to your expectations.

Once you have set up your team and they are producing the much-needed content, the next step is to optimize your website for search. Your prospects and customers will all be online, and the purchasing decisions they will make will mostly be influenced by the search results they get on Google and other search engines after making an online search on the products they are interested in. Ensure that you have a comprehensive SEO strategy that can help in delivering your content, products, and services in front of the customer.

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